IQ Medical ventures developed and launched four products of which 3 are available in the market.

GIS-kit and ExEm® Foam Kit are both gynecological products of which ExEm® Foam has developed itself into a dominant player in the fertility market place.

Two more products are currently under development, both in angioplasty.

Earlier we developed EZ-Blocker™, which has been acquired by a Medical Device company.

For inquiries and/or availability of our catheter with special designed cervical applicator, we kindly refer you to your local distributor.

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Based on their former invention GIS®, Dr Emanuel and Exalto took their quest a step further. Easy recognition of tubal patency as well as correct placement of sterilization devices utilizing a new technique; gel foam! Available in 50+ countries world wide.


Gel Instillation Sonography; GIS was invented here, to improve the images of the uterine cavity in a non invasive way. Even 3D images can be obtained. Because the images are so good we call it Virtual Hysteroscopy. Available in certain regions only.