Gel Installation Sonography by GIS-kit

The GIS-kit is a procedure pack in the field of gynecological ultrasound to perform a gel-ultrasound procedure, Gel Instillation Sonohysterography. Gel Instillation Sonohysterography (GIS) is a new technology that allows high quality ultrasound imaging of the uterine cavity.

By using ExEm® gel instead of infusing the cavity with a saline solution, the cavity can be filled and images obtained in a stable manner. This method improves the quality of the ultrasound examination resulting in virtual hysteroscopy.

Apart from the excellent diagnostic value of GIS (Gel Instillation Sonohysterography) and Virtual Hysteroscopy, which equals diagnostic hysteroscopy, several advantages have been acknowledged.



Overview benefits

Benefits of Gel Instillation GIS over Saline Infusion SIS

Gis Kit

❗️GIS-kit is not available or approved for use in the USA, neither is the content on this page applicable to the USA.



GIS®-Kit Introduction:

GIS®Kit shows better results of a uterine ultrasound:

GIS®-kit Publications:

  • Fertility & Sterility, Vol. 87, No. 1, January 2007, 152 – 155, Exalto et al, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Spaarne Hospital, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, Gel instillation sonohysterography: first experience with a new technique.

Background Literature on Gel Instillation Sonohysterography (GIS):

  • See documents referenced in Flow-Chart (Flow Chart is te vinden in map “Web pagina’s”)


Poster presentation:

  • ASRM & ISUOG 2009, Emanuel et al, Ob/Gyn Spaarne Hospital Hoofddorp (Amsterdam), the Netherlands, The diagnostic accuracy of Gel Instillation Sonohysterography (GIS) compared with Saline Infusion Sonohysterography (SIS); A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Background Literature on Gel Instillation Sonohysterography (GIS):

  • See documents referenced in Flow-Chart

Flow Chart GIS




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