Being an incubator, the team to support and build the product companies is of extreme importance, it is a mixture of characters with complementary skills. That is probably the reason why some of these guys work together for such a long time and some just joined the team We only need a hand full of hard working guys.

Leo van der Hoek LLM is one of the two managing partners of RHO-dam Ventures BV, the parent company of IQ-Medical Ventures and one of the executives at IQ Medical Ventures BV, he is the organizer in the incubator team. Before he started his professional career at ID-NL  he finished Law school and enjoyed a short  career in the army leaving the army as a first lieutenant. With 20 years of experience in technology transfer he is well seasoned in the legal and commercial side of any deal RHO-dam will construct. Leo is co-founder of RHO-dam Ventures B.V. and all of its subsidiaries. Mr. van der Hoek will overlook the whole group structure he is involved in all corporate affairs.  As a corporate counsel  he successfully led several IP infringement cases and has successfully built an European distribution network for the gynecological branche of IQ Medical Ventures B.V.

Johan F.M. Remmerswaal is the other managing  partner of RHO-dam Ventures BV, director at IQ Medical Ventures BV and co-founder of all its subsidiaries. Before he started his career in technology transfer he founded his own trading company which he as an entrepreneur sold profitably at the age of 25. Mr. Remmerswaal has 20 years of experience in commercializing technology. He founded in 1999 ID-NL Inc. the New York branch as part of a multimillion offset program between the Dutch government and Boeing Inc. Being a deal maker he secured a reversed incubator deal for 2,5 years with GE Trading Inc. in NYC. Was involved in all Transatlantic deals. He raised millions of dollars for American medical start up companies. Mr. Remmerswaal is the translator in the team with his technical background (he graduated as an engineer on the topic innovation), he will bridge technology and market. Mr. Remmerswaal is co-inventor of various patents in the field of medical devices.

Eelco W. Theuvenet with 30 years of experience in state of the art research, patent landscaping, product development and portfolio management, is the anchor man of the team. During his career Mr. Theuvenet has evaluated and documented approximately 20.000 ideas, inventions and technology concepts, he is probably the most experienced man in this field in the Netherlands if not in Europe. Being a patent expert Mr. Theuvenet will overlook the complete patent portfolio of the group as well as all projects that are under scrutiny. Due to his outstanding administrative talents Mr. Theuvenet also acts as the companies regulatory officer. Accordingly he is responsible for all CE and FDA procedures and also in charge of our quality control of IQ Medical Ventures and its subsidiaries.

Eric Reep with 30 years of experience in the Medical Field of which 25+ in Sales and Marketing positions at dominant players in the International Medical Devices landscape like Philips, Johnson & Johnson, Covidien and Bard. Focusses on expanding our international markets in gynecology and obstetrics. As International Sales Director, Medical Devices he is responsible for market analysis, sales opportunities, reimbursement strategies, development and implementation of product positioning and pricing strategies. Working closely together with our distributors, developing the local positioning of our product portfolio, reimbursement and sales and marketing strategies.

Annet Kastelein has a laboratory background and started her career as a research technician at the Unilever Nutrition Centre. She used her practical experience in the field of functional foods  to make a successful move to a leading specialized Clinical Research Organization with an exclusive focus on cardiology (pharma & medical devices). During 11 years she fulfilled several positions within this company. As Clinical Quality Assurance Officer she was responsible for the quality of the core laboratory techniques. To broaden her technical knowledge she moved as a project leader to the R&D department to set up a new laboratory technique “echocardiography” together with cardiologists. After ± 10 years this technique is still one of the core services delivered by this CRO. She is experienced in different areas (food, medical devices and pharma). As a QARA Manager she is responsible for the quality and regulatory compliance of the products of the company. During her time at IQ Medical Ventures the company was ISO13485 certified.

Trudy Keijzer has a long lasting history in financial administration and management. Started over 20 years ago in the offshoring industry working for a goods supply company. Over the years she made promotions based on experience and studies and was responsible for all financial reporting and as such part of the management team. Four years ago she became part of RHO-dam Ventures B.V. where she holds the position of financial manager for the holding and all its operating companies. Next to that she is responsible for HR and the administrative organization.

Dr. So & So is a seasoned surgeon with outstanding craftsmanship. Because he is a good surgeon he is also likely to think of new ways to treat patients or to improve certain procedures in his specialism. He is a clinical inventor and has most likely a lot of publications in his name. In most cases he will be a PhD and/or Prof. After being interviewed several times by the rest of the team he blends in with the rest of the crew to pull off the job. He is able to mobilize his clinical environment in order to facilitate IQ Medical ventures BV and the product company. As a scientist Dr. So & So is able and willing to speak on congresses and publish scientific papers and support the IQ-company when performing sales training. He will also be prepared to answer questions from colleagues in the field when using the new device. Dr. So & So will always sit on our medical advisory board.