IQ-Medical Ventures B.V. is a medical device incubator company, founded to overcome the traditional draw backs of licensing technology to the larger industry. The three layer incubator is founded to generate sales, to establish recognizable sustainable branding and to create value.

We focus on our own product companies to generate sales from medical devices we take from concept to market share. We strive to start up a pallet of marketing/branding companies (IQ-companies) in different areas of the medical market in order to spread our risk and to increase our rate of success. The goal of our IQ-companies is to establish product subsidiaries with a recognizable market position in certain areas of  the medical health care market with their innovative products for unmet needs. All marketed under a recognizable IQ-branding umbrella.

To date we have four products in the market, all in Gynaecology. GIS®-kit, a system for the extension of the uterine cavity to facilitate virtual Hysteroscopy to detect uterine abnormalities in a less invasive way. ExEm® Foam Kit, a system to provide the Gynaecologist with information about tubal patency of her/his patient without X-Ray or the use of the OR. GIS catheter, a versatile catheter to provide access to the uterine cavity to apply any kind of medium suitable for intrauterine examination purposes. BasIQ-4® our latest invention, launched in 2018, is worlds first episiotomy device equipped with a surgical knife, enabling a safe, sharp, simple and superior episiotomy.

In anaesthesia we developed EZ-Blocker, an elegant bifurcated endobroncheal blocking device for providing one lung ventilation in thoracic surgery/anaesthesia, which product we sold in 2012 to another medical device company. Currently (January 2019) we have two products in development, both in angioplasty.

ID-NL Patents & Licensing B.V. is a traditional technology transfer company which focuses on patenting and licensing of technology to the larger industry. It is currently occupied with the commercialization of the patents and knowhow of a gyneacological technique called morcelation. The objective is to remove polyps and myoma’s from the uterine cavity.

One of the major licensed technologies to date is the Angioseal® by Dr. Rienks and Dr. Muijs van der Moer. A technology to close off the artery after a “Dotter” procedure to prevent excessive bleeding, currently sold and marketed by St Jude medical out of the USA. Sales has exceeded $ 1,5 billion.