Our latest innovation..

We are proud to present the BasIQ-4® surgical knife.

The innovative alternative to episiotomy scissors.

BasIQ-4® episiotomy device – to perform a sharp, safe, and simple episiotomy.

BasIQ-4® starts it’s incision outside of the vaginal fouchette. Keeping distance from tissue tension, enabling a safer episiotomy.

When it is decided to perform an episiotomy, out of all options, BasIQ-4® offers you the best available, ever.

BasIQ-4® surgical knife is always sharp,  absolutely safe and really simple to use. 

BasIQ-4® surgical knife is a CE marked Class 1 Medical Device, introduced at the IUGA 2018 conference and available in Europe, Middle East and Asia.


Earlier this year, the Elkerliek hospital in the Netherlands started a trial with the BasIQ-4® surgical knife.

The case report is available by clicking this link Elkerliek Hospital case report


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BasIQ-4® Surgical knife to perform a sharp, safe, simple and innovative episiotomy.

BasIQ-4® Surgical knife

❗️BasIQ-4® is not available or approved for use in the United States, neither is the content on this page applicable to the United States.