IQ Medical Ventures B.V. is a medical device incubator company founded to overcome the traditional difficulties of medical technology transfer. Opposite to technology transfer we do not license out the technologies that are submitted to us by Medical Doctors. Instead we take them from concept to market share.

We created an incubator where all our experience over the last two decades is combined with the skill set and ideas of physicians and surgeons. An environment where clinical inventors can easily team up with our own incubator team and where we combine the hospital infrastructure with our own network. By doing so we act as a nimble and capable team of Clinical engineers. Clinical engineers understand the practitioners’ intent, they possess knowledge with respect to both existing and developing healthcare technology, and they must also understand the various implications of applying the technology both in a clinical environment and the marketplace. With all aforementioned skill sets in place, the infrastructure to facilitate  and our investment potential to back up the process, we are able to swiftly;

• Evaluate

• Prototype

• Test

• Develop

• Launch

• Sell

If an idea does not pass the first three steps we abandon the development process, return the idea to the medical inventor and move on to another bright idea.

IQ Medical Ventures is an ISO 13485 certified company.

Click here for our certificate.

Expiration – 2024-09-29